Certified Appraisal Services

We provide different levels of reporting based on the clients needs, situation and time constrains -

The specific type of appraisal report we supply to our clientele can vary greatly.  In some cases we are simply assisting in determining if an available vehicle has been priced fairly or what a reasonable offer should be based on recent sale and auction data from around the country.  These reports can be completed quickly, outlined in an email and are less costly.  Other clients require a printed document, far more comprehensive in nature.  They take a longer to produce and cost a bit more.

*** Contact our offices to find out which of our services is the best fit for you.

Our Services

Formal written appraisals contain some, if not all, of the follwing - 

Telephone: 213-808-4808      info@CollectorCarBlueBook.com

- An in-depth description of the vehicle in question - this description is so detailed that the vehicle could potentially be identified even if photos were not included.

- Specific dates for each stage: Physical Inspection, The Writing of the Report, etc...

- A statement as to the reason the appraisal is being written.

- An outline of the methods, research and sources for the information presented in the appraisal report.

- Appraisers Statement as a Disinterested Party - A statement certifying that the appraiser has no financial interest in the outcome of the report.

- The appraisers: Name, Signature and Appraisal Certification

- In the case of an appraisal for Motor Vehicle Collision Damage, any applicable state licencing or certification seals will be included on the report.