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Insurance Coverage - Most Antique, Classic, Collector and Special Interest Vehicle Insurance Companies require a written appraisal to be submitted with your initial application.

Settling an Estate - Often, when settling legal or financial affairs such as a persons passing or in the case of divorce, a family member is interested in taking possession of one or more of the motor vehicle assets.  A clear, defined value of a classic or collector vehicle is necessary make sure all interested parties are treated fairly and left financially whole upon final settlement.

Setting a Selling Price - In our modern world, the internet makes the sale of Specialty Vehicles appear as easy as posting some pictures and collecting your money - however, there's a bit more to it.  Perhaps the most important but often overlooked aspect is intelligent and competitive pricing.  Priced Too High - it may never sell.  Priced Too Low - your 'leaving money on the table'.  Priced Just Right with a Written Valuation as Backup - leads to a quicker sale with less debate.

Specialty Financing - Most modern banks are prepared to offer you a loan on a three-year-old Honda Accord every day of the week.  To finance a 1959 Cadillac Coupe DeVille or a Mercedes UNIMOG?  That requires a different type of lending institution; and they are out there - but they require and appraisal and the documentation to back it up.

Auction Outcome Expectations - When considering selling your vehicle at an auction it's important to have an idea of the potential financial return at the end of the sale.

Our parent company has been in the business of Liquidating, Auctioning and Appraising Special Interest Vehicles since 1955.  Presently our Valuation Team offers a combined total of 82 years of experience in this field. 

We provide actual real-world values for Antique, Classic, Collector and Special Interest Vehicles.  These values are not calculated by a computer program or some smartphone application.  They are determined by a team of appraisers, retail sales professionals and auctioneers utilizing the latest sale results and auction results, both online and live, from across the country.

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