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Wayne's World Pacer Sold at Auction

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Wayne's World 'Mirth Mobile' AMC Pacer Sold at Auction - what will Garth drive now....?

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Very First Shelby Cobra Sells for a Record-Setting 13.75 Million Dollars at Sotheby's Auction. 

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The value of classic, collector and special interest vehicles is in a constant state of flux - will your vehicle Sky-Rocket?


Let's be realistic here.  Special Interest Cars are supposed to be a hobby; a fun pass-time, maybe with some history or nostalgia thrown in.  Well, yes and no.  The hobby with history part is without a doubt true but there is far more to the situation than many realize, and as with everything else - it comes down to money.  

Knowing the correct, unbiased, real-world value of a particular vehicle couldn't more important.  Without a proper valuation backed up by solid evidence, how can you: Buy It?  Sell it?  Pay taxes on it?  Insure it?  Apply for financing?  So many questions need to be answered.  What has happened to the value since it last changed hands?  The market for some classics has flattened out, where others have gone through the roof.  Did you know that the simple appearance of a vehicle as the 'Hero Car' in a major motion picture can dramatically impact the collector value of the model itself?  In some cases that 'bump' is temporary, other times it's long lasting.  As an example, a DeLorean once used in the production of the Back To The Future films sold for over a half million dollars at a charity auction, and that was over five years ago.  Granted, it was one of the actual Picture Cars used by the studio, however that movie franchise has assisted in boosting interest in, and the selling price of, the iconic DeLorean DMC-12 in general.

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